The home of weekly Micro Sprint Racing action. Come out and take part in the excitement just 1 hour east of Kansas City in Sweet Springs, Mo. Micro Sprint cars reach speeds in excess of 70 mph on our 1/6 mile dirt oval in exciting side by side battles.

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex (SSMC) is one of the finest dirt track facilities in the midwest. The Complex opened for racing in 1995 and features a challenging 1/6th mile clay oval which produces two, three and even four wide racing.


Information from Feb 19...


Rule change proposals were presented for approval. The only proposal that was approved was the Cone Rule. Leave the CONE RULE as is, EXCEPT in the Jr. Class. For the Jr. Class, NO CONE, use the pace vehicle and pull it in on the front stretch. When the pace vehicle pulls in, the green light/flag is displayed and racing for all cars resumes.

We are pleased to announce that SSMC will host the Pete Frazier Memorial race on Friday/Saturday, September 1-2. More info to come.

Hot laps will start earlier this year. Saturday hot laps will begin at 6:00pm and Friday hot laps will start at 6:30pm.

Work days will be held each Saturday starting at 9:00am until April 15 practice. All work must be complete before we can practice. A list of all work to be done is posted below. All drivers, members, fans and friends are welcome to help.

Work Days


Work days will be held each Saturday starting at 9:00am until April 15 Practice. All work must be completed before we can practice. If you cannot work on Saturday, you are welcome to do any outdoor work any another time. Drivers, club members, fans and friends are all welcome to help!

Following is a list of work to be done:

New spectator sign and mount made

New sign by sign-in shed

Clean sign-in shed

A/C receptacle in sign-in shed replaced

Clean score tower and fix floor on south side

Clean restrooms

Put billboards on wall

Braces and new wire for scoreboard

Check boards on bleachers

Rake leaves & pick up limbs

Fill holes in the grandstand area

Fill hole along east fence

Clean up around concession

Take down broken fence going into grandstand

Need 5 more trash barrels

Cut trees back at pond and along dirt road

Clean up around gas tanks and sheds

Hang Pepsi sign above middle windows outside concession

Clean up Tech Building

Schedule Change


The dates for Show-Me Showdown have been changed back to the original dates, October 12-14, 2017.

Track Photos