The home of weekly Micro Sprint Racing action. Come out and take part in the excitement just 1 hour east of Kansas City in Sweet Springs, Mo. Micro Sprint cars reach speeds in excess of 70 mph on our 1/6 mile dirt oval in exciting side by side battles.

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex (SSMC) is one of the finest dirt track facilities in the midwest. The Complex opened for racing in 1995 and features a challenging 1/6th mile clay oval which produces two, three and even four wide racing.


Proposed Changes to Club...


The following proposed changes to the club rules will be voted on by club members at the Feb 28 meeting:

1. 2 Spin Rule
2. 25 Minute Time Limit in each Class (finish w/ Green-White-Checker after 25 minutes).
3. Combine BOTH the 2 Spin Rule & 25 Minute Time Limit.
4. If the 2 Spin Rule & 25 Minute Time Limit pass, make all features 30 laps, regardless of car count.
5. In lieu of the time limit, count Yellow Flag Laps & make all features 30 laps regardless of car count.
6. Remove the front straight "Cone Start" (on single file restarts) and let the flagman start the race (Once the green flag is displayed, racing/passing may commence).
7. Change the Championship point structure to count best 16 races instead of 13 (10 minimum to qualify for the driver point fund)
8. Do away with the Inverted Feature Start by point average. Instead, Pill Draw for heat and start features "straight up" by finish position (No Passing points).
9. Make Raceceivers mandatory.

Proof of age for Minor...


A copy of Birth Certificate or valid Drivers License is required for drivers under the age of 18. (In addition to the Minor Release Form) They must be presented within the first 2 weeks of racing or the minor driver will not be allowed to race until one is shown.

This is in order to verify the age of minor drivers and uphold the age restrictions for Class participation.

Changes to Save Time!


During the November 22 board meeting, many ideas were discussed to reduce the time of the weekly races at SSMC. The following 5 items will be implemented during the 2016 race season:
1. Changing the staging procedure (not requiring cars to be in perfect order on the ramp). This process creates congestion in the pit area thereby making it difficult to organize and delays the start of some feature races. An attempt will be made to put the cars in order, but it may be necessary for racers to find their place in line on the parade lap. The final responsibility lies upon the racer to be present and ready when the cars are sent onto the track and to know where they start!
2. Clearing accidents more quickly! A strong effort will placed on moving disabled cars swiftly to the infield, either by pushing, pulling or dragging if necessary. Once in the infield, the drivers are welcome to assess the damages and return to racing if possible. SSMC realizes the need to upgrade the infield equipment with faster and more capable vehicles to better remove accidents from the track and the need to increase personnel.
3. Improve Lineup Procedures on restarts! Raceceivers continue to be recommended for all racers at SSMC. In addition, a lineup board (dry erase) will be utilized by the infield worker near the start/finish line to show the lineup to the racers. Kelly Hinck has volunteered to assist in getting a board suitable for the task and Brett Bybee has agreed to use it.
4. Through the month of May 2016, ALL Reds will be CLOSED and a WORK AREA will be available at the exit of the track between the wall and the concrete barriers. If repairs can be made to the car(s) while in that area, those repairs will be allowed. Cars may not be taken to the trailer and the races will not be held for cars being repaired. Once the officials have given the “all clear”, the yellow light will be displayed and race proceedings will resume. If repairs are completed and the car has re-entered the track before the yellow light is turned off (signifying “green next time by”) the car(s) will be allowed to re-enter and get in line at the tail. Work may continue until a racing lap has been completed. If a yellow is displayed before a lap has been completed, the car will be allowed to re-enter at the tail if repairs are complete.
5. The final item is being left as a CLUB OPTION. By vote, the club can decide to do either one of the following:
a. Reduce the current “spin rule” to “Any car with MORE THAN 1 unassisted Yellow Flag will be eliminated from the remainder of the race” (the current rule is more than 2).
b. 25 minute time limit on all races (Jr time limit to remain 20 minutes)

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