The home of weekly Micro Sprint Racing action. Come out and take part in the excitement just 1 hour east of Kansas City in Sweet Springs, Mo. Micro Sprint cars reach speeds in excess of 70 mph on our 1/6 mile dirt oval in exciting side by side battles.

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex (SSMC) is one of the finest dirt track facilities in the midwest. The Complex opened for racing in 1995 and features a challenging 1/6th mile clay oval which produces two, three and even four wide racing.


Work Day/Meeting


We will have a work day/meeting at the track on Saturday, March 28. Work day begins at 9 a.m., board meeting at 11 a.m. and club meeting at 1 p.m.
Here is a list of things that still needs to be done at the track before we start racing. We have a work day every Sat. We need everyone to help out so we can get these items taken care of. All equipment needs to be serviced, tires on pack truck fixed, finish raking leaves, fence fixed around track, make sure scales work, put all trash barrels out, transponder shed cleaned out, clean up around transponder shed, concession and bathrooms cleaned good, clean shed out for lawn mower, tops cut out of barrels for more trash cans, trees cut out of ditch where drains are, mats that go on floor by grill needs cleaned, drive shaft needs to be put in water truck and brake line fixed, filters above grill needs cleaned, suction hose put on pond, 2nd suction hose fixed, a jack needs to be put on sheeps foot, clean up around gas tanks and shed.

We need everyone's help on doing this not just a few. Please come out the next few weekends and help!

Proof of age for Minor...


At the January Club Meeting of the MMMMRA, it was decided...
A Birth Certificate or valid Drivers License is required to be submitted for drivers under the age of 18
(In addition to the Minor Release Form)

This is in order to verify the age of minor drivers and uphold the age restrictions for Class participation.



At the January Club Meeting of the MMMMRA, it was decided...
For the 2015 Racing Year, we will have a revolving running order to add excitement to our racing events!
The 3 orders will be:
1: Jr, NW, Sportsman, A-Class, Restrictor, Open
2: Jr, Open, Restrictor, NW, Sportsman, A-Class
3: Jr, A-Class, Sportsman, Open, Restrictor, NW

Track Photos