Information from Feb 19 mtg.


Rule change proposals were presented for approval. The only proposal that was approved was the Cone Rule. Leave the CONE RULE as is, EXCEPT in the Jr. Class. For the Jr. Class, NO CONE, use the pace vehicle and pull it in on the front stretch. When the pace vehicle pulls in, the green light/flag is displayed and racing for all cars resumes. We are pleased to announce that SSMC will host the...more

Work Days


Work days will be held each Saturday starting at 9:00am until April 15 Practice. All work must be completed before we can practice. If you cannot work on Saturday, you are welcome to do any outdoor work any another time. Drivers, club members, fans and friends are all welcome to help! Following is a list of work to be done: New spectator sign and mount made New sign by sign-in...more

Schedule Change


The dates for Show-Me Showdown have been changed back to the original dates, October 12-14, 2017.

Board/Club Meetings


February Board/Club meetings will be held Sunday, February 19, 2017 at Sweet Springs American Legion, 904 N Miller St. Sweet Springs, MO. Board meeting will begin at 11:00am and club meeting will start at 1:00 pm. Voting on rule change proposals will take place at this meeting.

Reserved Parking 2017


Reserved parking for 2017 season will be due by November 5th banquet. Due to electrical improvements parking will be $200 electrical and $100 non electrical.
Money can be given to Brett Bybee or mail to:
Brett Bybee
PO Box 51
Centerview, MO 64019

Remaining stalls after this date will be available first come/first serve

Proof of age for Minor Drivers


A copy of Birth Certificate or valid Drivers License is required for drivers under the age of 18. (In addition to the Minor Release Form) They must be presented within the first 2 weeks of racing or the minor driver will not be allowed to race until one is shown.

This is in order to verify the age of minor drivers and uphold the age restrictions for Class participation.

Proof of Insurance


All ATV’s & Pit Vehicles MUST be insured & registered with the MMMMRA (proof of insurance is required at time of registration). Registration form and proof of insurance may be given to Brian Lunsford between 4:30pm and 6:00pm.
If unable to do so during this time period, you may see him after the races or wait until the next week during the same times.

Identification required for sign-in and transponder


Member drivers are required to show membership card when signing in. All drivers will be required to present a membership card or another form of ID to rent a transponder.

Need A RACEceiver?


Anyone racing at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex this year that need a RACEceiver can order them through Brett Bybee, 660-864-5635, or bybeelawn@gmail.com RACEceiver Fusion - FD1600 No Ear Piece $99.95. Several package deals available as well.

Changes to Save Time!


During the November 22 board meeting, many ideas were discussed to reduce the time of the weekly races at SSMC. The following 5 items will be implemented during the 2016 race season: 1. Changing the staging procedure (not requiring cars to be in perfect order on the ramp). This process creates congestion in the pit area thereby making it difficult to organize and delays the start of some...more

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